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What is this?

An ASCII platformer that runs in your command terminal

How To Play

1. Press space to move right one column

2. After your first step you will fall at an accelerating rate

3. Stop your rapid descent by landing on the rising platforms (you will know you have landed on a platform when your * turns purple)

4. The platforms will exert a force equal to their upward velocity on you

5. Use their inertia to get to the other side

How to Die

1. Fall off the bottom of the screen

2. Jump through the ceiling

3. Land on a platform while the sum of your downward and its upward velocity is 10 rows or greater.

4. Let the screen fill up with green symbols


You only move when you press space. You can therefore wait for a platform to rise to you in order to "land" on it.

Install instructions

Extract the zip file. Run main.exe in the /dist folder.


Datafall.zip 3 MB

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